Google Maps for Android 7.0.1 – KML features missing

In earlier versions of Google Maps for Android, it was possible to load a KML file with Google Maps.

This for example is very useful, when you build a responsive website: You place a Link to Googel Maps, include a KML file and it automatically opens the Maps App on Android phones and loads the custom markers set in the KML file. The KML files can be build with Google Maps Engine Lite or Google Earth.

The feature is missing in Version 7 of Google Maps and i don’t know a workaround. Searching on Google didn’t lead to any result. Does any of our readers know about something to fix this issue?

With Google Maps up to Version 6, i just placed a link like this:

<a href="geo:0,0?q=ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_KML_FILE">LINKNAME</a>

Now, Google Maps only says „No Results for …“ It would be great, if Google would fix this soon. At the moment, i don’t know any possibility to open a custom map in the Google Maps App.

Update: The feature is as well gone for the new Google Maps for Desktop preview.

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